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Fake Note Detector Machine

We are leading Suppliers, Manufacturers, Exporters & dealers for Fake note detector in India. The counterfeit money could potentially cost the business hundreds and possibly thousands of rupees. The improved printing technology has to an increase in high quality counterfeit banknotes. Syntech works by using advanced technology in counterfeit detection to alert fraudulent money. Syntech offers proved & field tested solutions to its customers to safeguard their business from the threat of Fake notes. Use Syntech currency products of different types to detect fakes note of any quality be detected and returned back right at the counter or across Table and save yourself or your organization from embarrassment. Offering you a complete choice of products which include Syntech Elite Fake Note Detector Machine.

Syntech Elite Fake Note Detector Machine

Brand Hopper Capacity Stacker Capacity
Syntech 150 100